In one way, we are a very traditional law firm since our area of expertise is the litigation, trials and dispute resolution, which probably is the oldest occupancy of the lawyer.

But on the other hand, we are not a traditional law firm at all. We actually represent the law 2.0.

And what law 2.0 mean?

It’s a complex and wide concept related to the big changes being produced on the concept of what we know as information. Our philosophy of work is traditional but our means are absolutely innovative: from Artificial Intelligence in the field of the law to assistant robots that check and review trials like a clerk going to Court.

We strongly believe in the integration of technology and AI to daily life in a way that should bring great benefits for our world.

The law is changing because the technology is changing and we want to go one step ahead of those changes.


prior in tempore, potior in iure

Becker & Cía Abogados

Av. Apoquindo 4700, piso 11, Las Condes, Santiago