The professional practice for highly complex litigation is understood as the definition of strategies and tactics that lead to the defense of the collective interest. It promotes the win-win relationship and the consensus of all actors.

To resolve the differences between those involved, it is necessary to analyze the problem presented within a specific context to offer a comprehensive solution. This process requires knowledge in civil, economic and commercial aspects , among others.

At Becker Abogados we develop strategies aimed at promoting the changes that our clients require.

Medium and high complexity litigation has become an area of expertise for us, under the eaves of our partner Christian Becker , the office has built a successful path in regards to labor litigation, administrative bodies and more complex causes seen in the Courts of our country.

Our main objective in this area is that the judicial representation manages to satisfy the requirements of each of our clients, applying different strategies and tactics that lead to effectively defend the interests entrusted to us.

Every process needs the analysis of the components involved in each cause. Each edge impacts the resolution of the dispute, therefore, is that the members of our study have a high professional commitment to bring these causes based on personalized attention and according to the philosophy of our study.

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Reasons to contact a highly complex litigation lawyer


Having litigation experts will bring adequate exposure and defense to the courts of our country.


Achieving future disputes and forming agreements between the parties allows you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.


Avoiding future litigation and reducing their time, will report lower future spending, which will allow you to better dispose of your assets.

“ High complexity litigation requires the development of appropriate strategies.”

Every process needs the analysis of the components involved. Each edge impacts the resolution of the dispute.

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